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Q: Can I get a cash advance even though I have bad credit? Certainly, as long as the minimum requirements are met you can qualify for a cash advance. Credit is not needed for cash advance loans.

Q: How long does it take to apply for a cash advance loan? It takes just a few minutes of your time to apply for a cash advance online.

Q: In what state are your lenders in? Generally we are nationwide. Hundreds of lenders across the country (where permitted by law) are at your service.

Q: Can I apply for my spouse? Due to privacy laws, you can only apply for a cash advance for yourself. We do not allow spouses to apply for one another.

Q: Can I get a loan for any amount I wish for? Cash advance loans are flexible, but most borrowers are approved for loans up to $2000.

Q: Will a co-signer be required for my cash advance? A co-signer for a cash advance loan is not necessary. If you meet the requirements your loan will be approved.

Q: Can the cash be deposited directly into my bank account? Yes, with the added convenience of a cash advance, funds can be deposited into your bank account.

Q: What happens if I need to extend my loan? If you find yourself in this situation, it is very important to contact your personal loan officer before the loan is due. The loan officer will be happy to work with you on extending the payments and arranging for an interest only payment.



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